Warrington Chiropractic Centre

We are a group of people totally focused on helping individuals of all ages, from all walks of life who come to see us with health related issues. We help them by giving hope and achieving great results in our very own successful way.

Dr. Monica Handa Is the principle chiropractor and mother of two young children. Qualified in 1993 from the original chiropractic college, AECC in Bournemouth. She has since completed dozens of chiropractic related courses in topics such as paediatrics (chiropractic for babies and children) and extremity courses and as a result has 20 years practical experience in providing great care associated with normal pain based practitioners. Where Dr. Monica does excel is in a more advanced form of spinal biomechanics. The most researched form of spinal correction and where Dr Monica is the most practically experienced practitioner in Europe.