Trent Chiropractic Clinic

Deep tissue massage can help to improve soft tissue healing, improve muscle elasticity and mobility, ease muscular pain. It can also help to prevent injury - it is a drugless, non-invasive and holistic therapy. In addition to these physical benefits, massage can reduce the effects of stress by helping to break the vicious circle of physical and psychological distress. It is estimated that up to 80% of all illness is stress related. Therapeutic massage can help to reduce panic attacks, depression, headaches, migraine and general fatigue.

Sleep patterns can be greatly improved by massage. In essence, the body is the individual's best defence against physical and psychological stresses and strains. Massage helps to prepare the body and mind to combat both. All massage treatments are adapted to suit each person's individual requirements and therefore range from a full body massage to specific treatments for back, legs, shoulders, arms etc.