Rounday Chiropractic Clinic

Chiropractic treatment has been proven to be effective and safe. We have a team of five experienced chiropractors, four male and one female, offering chiropractic treatment of the highest standard. A few moments browsing may well provide you with the information or the answers you need. If any of your queries remain unanswered then contact us and one of our chiropractors will do their utmost to reply to your question succinctly and promptly. Frank Nash D.C. established Roundhay Chiropractic Clinic back in 1936 on Lidgett Park Road.

The move to our current premises on Street Lane took place in 1986 under the guidance of Barry McQuire D.C. These larger premises allowed our clinic to continue to grow and provide our patients with a broader range of treatments. We are also delighted that patients can now access other services such as acupuncture and sports massage. Our aim in the clinic is to provide care of the highest quality in a warm and professional environment.