Mctimoney Chiropractor Marylou Watson

My name is Marylou Watson and I am a McTimoney Chiropractor, and I have been practising for over 15 years in Battersea SW11. My relationship with my patients is based on honesty, and I am passionate about what I do and relish the challenge of finding the cause of their problem and helping them to restore their sense of well being. A healthy spine is not merely the absence of pain but about optimizing and maintaining your flexibility, performance and vitality.

The aim of my treatment is not to just treat the symptoms of back pain but to eliminate the causes whether they be mechanical, postural or resulting from an old trauma held within the body. I will also use various different soft-tissue techniques to facilitate deep healing. The McTimoney method is a whole body treatment renowned for its gentleness as the bones are never forced into position, but corrected by adjusting them individually.