Jane Faulkes Bsc

The purpose of McTimoney chiropractic is to gently realign the bones of the body to improve nerve function and remove muscle tension, thereby reducing discomfort and mobility issues.

At the first appointment, the patient is thoroughly assessed, and any musculoskeletal problems found are discussed. Usually the patient is also treated at the first appointment. In a few cases, the examination suggests that the symptoms that are present are due to causes other than musculo-skeletal issues and the patient is referred, usually to their GP.

I use only my hands to feel the position of the patients' bones and assess their muscle tissue, and use only McTimoney adjustments to correct any misalignments I find. The McTimoney adjustments are very light and quick and are generally comfortable to receive. Sometimes after treatment some people may feel tired and a little sore, or simply may feel easier in their bodies. It is a good idea to take it easy after a treatment for a day or so.