Harborne Chiropractic Clinic

Back pain is the most common complaint seen by Chiropractors, with most people suffering from back pain at some point. Chiropractic treatment, unlike painkillers treats the cause of the problem rather than masking the symptoms.

Back pain is multifactorial, meaning it has many causes such as strains/sprains to joints and muscles and nerve problems such as sciatica. Many low back problems are caused by what is called "recurrent micro trauma" which means small repetitive injuries, until the proverbial "last straw." This is why people hurt themselves doing very different, often trivial things. Once the injury has occurred the nerve signals pain, resulting in the surrounding muscles going into spasm acting like a protective splint. Chiropractic treatment alleviates muscle spasm and improves joint mobility allowing your body to heal the injury. Those suffering from recurrent episodes of back pain often have an underlying weakness, which if unaddressed will continue to cause problems.