Coalville Chiropractic Clinic

We provide safe, effective, high quality treatment to spine, muscle and joint problems - so YOU can get back to enjoying life again!

If you are unsure if chiropractic may be able to help you, then please book into the clinic for a Consultation & Examination. We will go through your case in detail, and do a full examination to determine if chiropractic treatment could help you get better, and on the road to recovery. If we can help you, we can commence treatment straight away in most cases. If chiropractic is not the right treatment option in your case, we will tell you and refer you to the relevant specialist.

Our aim is to provide high quality, effective treatment to spine and joint problems. Our natural approach to decreasing your pain, improving your mobility, and restoring your health involves a combination of chiropractic adjustments (gentle manipulation), massage (soft-tissue manipulation), advice and exercises specific to your requirements.