Bodymotion Chiropractic

Pilates has become increasingly popular with many people in the fitness industry and the medical/rehabilitation sector.

Pilates consists of controlling different parts of the body through a series of movements, where your core muscles are emphasised to be the main stabiliser. The core, loosely consists of the deep postural muscles of the abdomen (Transverse abdominis), obliques, lower back and buttocks. Core activation through all ranges of movement is a key factor in Pilates. The second key element is keeping spinal alignment correct throughout all movements. This ensures directed specific control is placed when isolating a movement.

Having a One to One session will provide you with a thorough understanding of the principals involved. This will be followed by a step by step programme of Pilates which will aim to achieve your pre-determined goals. One to One sessions allow for greater progression and specific teachings of Pilates techniques.