Bishopbriggs Chiropractic

Graduated from the University of Glamorgan, South Wales in 2008 and started working for Bishopbriggs Chiropractic Clinic in August 2008. November 2009 I took over the practice and have steadily been introducing new treatment modalities; becoming Bishopbriggs Chiropractic & Natural Health Centre. I have been receiving chiropractic treatment since the age of 14. I was a competitive swimmer from the ages of 8-18, and grew very quickly during my early teenage years. All the strains of aggressive training and growing very quickly caused me to have extremely poor posture; I had very rounded shoulders, increased curvature of my upper back (thoracic spine), and anterior pelvic rotation; a common condition among teenagers known as layered syndrome. Since then I have received regular chiropractic treatment. Especially during my pregnancy and even more-so towards the due date.