Birmingham Chiropractic Clinic

As the longest established chiropractic clinic in Birmingham, we have been helping the surrounding community to better health since 1987. As a part of this commitment we aim to utilise the most advanced treatment techniques and are proud to be the first chiropractors in the region to offer non-surgical spinal disc decompression with our IDD therapy.

As James Rousseau, DC explains, "At Birmingham Chiropractic Clinic, we offer state of the art technology in a warm, inviting, homely atmosphere." Many of our patients have come to chiropractic as a last resort when nothing else has helped them, and they are desperate to avoid taking pain medication for the rest of their lives. They are amazed at their body's recuperative powers once chiropractic has removed the interference to normal functioning.

We strive to maintain our position as highly trusted, experienced, and qualified Birmingham chiropractors.