Armagh Chiropractic Clinic

I have been practicing in Northern Ireland since 1998. I am originally from Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. I studied for three years at the University of Alberta in the basic sciences of chemistry, physics, biology, and physiology. I then studied chiropractic for four years in Portland, Oregon, USA.

My chiropractic education consisted of human anatomy, biology, and physiology in the first two years. In the third and fourth years of the program, we focused on learning the art of spinal adjustments. I graduated in March of 1997 and began practicing in Holywood, Northern Ireland in 1998.

Two years later I began practicing in Armagh, Northern Ireland. My goal when a patient comes to see me is to provide as much pain relief as possible initially. Then it is important to improve the condition of the spine in order to help prevent future problems from reoccurring.