Ravensdale Osteopath

Ravensdale Osteopath and Sports Injury Clinic - Rosic is a one of the prominent Back Pain Clinic and Sports Injury Clinic curing patients with varied treatments such as Chiropractic, Physiotherapy & Osteopathy. Rosic offers its services in Barnet, North Finchley, and across various regions of London. It has a team of wide experienced experts treating hundreds of patients and dealing with various types of pains and injuries. Rosic exclusively offers Chiropractor Home Visit services as well.

We offer multiple treatments for wide-range of aches, pains, and injuries, as listed below:

- Back Pain;
- Neck Pain;
- Sciatica;
- Disc injuries;
- Pins and needles;
- Spinal Stiffness;
- Headaches;
- Repetitive strain;
- Postural issues;
- Tennis elbow;
- Frozen shoulder;
- Plantar Fascitis;
- Pregnancy-related pains;
- Sports injuries;
- Fibromyalgia;
- Carpal Tunnel;
- Tendinitis;
- Muscle Strains;
- Rotator cuff tears;
- Ankle ligament injuries;
- Knee pain;
- Hip injuries;
- Jaw/TMJ pain.

For advanced health care and homely treatment, get in touch with us soon and book an appointment.